Talk: Beyond the Style Guides

Speaker: Mosky Liu (Mosky)

Company: Pinkoi

Language: Mandarin (with English Slides)

Slides: Beyond the Style Guides (CC-BY)

Photo of Mosky Liu

About Speaker

I am the Python Charmer at Pinkoi, the author of Python packages, e.g., MoSQL, Clime, the speaker at PyCons and other conferences in Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore. I am also a big open source lover. Find more:

About the Topic

In the modern world, programmer’s time is more expensive than computer’s time. Better maintainability saves more. To improve it, you may be following “______ Style Guide”. But is it enough?

The answer is “No”. To write maintainable code, you need more than the style guides. In this share, I will introduce you the keys of writing high maintainability code.

You will be able to write better code after this talk. Save both you and your co-workers’ time from hating each other, and build more exciting feature together. :)