Talk: Functional and scale performance tests using zopkio

Speaker: Marcelo Araujo


Language: English (with English Slides)

Slides: Functional and scale performance tests using zopkio (CC)

Photo of Marcelo Araujo

About Speaker

As of 2007, Marcelo Araujo is a FreeBSD developer working mainly on the ports and kernel related features. In the same year he automated some ports related tests and discovered how easy and powerful Python is, as of then, Marcelo used Python in different projects as well as to automate and replace anything that could be made using shell scripts.

Marcelo is a DevOps at Gandi and is automating everything in Gandi's cloud platform (which is entirely based on open source). Outside of the free software world, Marcelo likes hiking, bike and beers!

About the Topic

Having many components inside a typical cloud service platform (different types of servers such as storage and compute nodes) there is the need to scale platforms and test the related performances.

This talk gives an overview about zopkio framework, how it works and how it is used.