Talk: Introduction to aiohttp -- asyncio-based web framework

Speaker: Andrew Svetlov

Company: DataRobot

Language: English (with English Slides)

Slides: Introduction to aiohttp -- asyncio-based web framework (CC-BY)

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About Speaker

Andrew is using Python since 1999.

He has become Python Core Developer in 2012.

Took a part in asyncio library development.

Author of aiohttp and dozen of other asyncio-based libraries hosted on

The main area of interests: network programming and distributed systems development.

Works in

About the Topic

aiohttp is HTTP client and server library built on top of asyncio.

The library allows to write user friendly code which looks like well-known linear one (requests library for client and Django/Flask/Pyramid for server) but utilizes the power of nonblocking sockets and supports websockets natively.

The intro describes basic programming patterns for both client and server API as well as advanced techniques like server signals and middlewares.