Talk: Keep it Simple, Web Development Stack

Speaker: Eric Ahn

Company: SK Planet

Language: English (with English Slides)

Slides: Keep it Simple, Web Development Stack (CC-BY)

Video: not available (on speaker's request)

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About Speaker

In recent years, I worked for CDN, Cloud system as backend-software engineer and Team leader. Currently I work as Manager at SKPlanet.

About the Topic

A development environment such as Docker is becoming increasingly popular. We already know many projects use containers such as Docker and Vagrant, or PaaS Services such as Google AppEngine, AWS cloud, and Heroku. A sample project using Django and Docker as an development environment will be shown. We will also explain the architecture of the sample project. Finally, we will demonstrate that Docker is the fastest and easiest solution to set up our development environment. In addition, I will show the performance of the sample project.