Talk: Microsoft and Python

Speaker: Samson Lee

Company: Microsoft


Slides: Microsoft and Python (Copyright owned by author)

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About Speaker

Samson Lee has joint Microsoft in 2015 as a Technical Evangelist, to spread and foster the adoption of Windows platform among local developers in Hong Kong. With experience of developing apps and website with Visual Studio and open-source tools such as Eclipse, Samson has conducted technical workshops with youths to enable and inspire them to create apps on the latest version of Windows, Windows 10. Through frequent engagement with youths, Samson has been establishing networks with students including those who have a passion to be professional developers in the future. Overseeing how the young generation create apps is a great experience that, has enabled him to understand the demand of the IT market in Hong Kong. Prior to the career in Microsoft, he has been dedicated in Nielsen, the leading market research institution, to explore and analyze research data generated from fast-moving consumer goods market to IT products market, which gave him a great fundaments of how local consumers behave.

About the Topic

Microsoft has fully embraced open source software; by releasing the source code for a number of our technologies under open source licenses, contributing to existing open source projects, and by using popular open source technologies in our products and services. During this session we will describe how can you use different Microsoft solutions and technologies from Python.